Replacement conservatory roofs




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Replacement Conservatory Roofs

A solid roof from SoLiteRoofs can be easily retro fitted to your conservatory, replacing the current polycarbonate or glass roof.

The SoLiteRoof is a complete replacement roof for your conservatory and the only replacement roof available that has Building Control Approval.

By simply installing a SoLiteRoof, you will increase the value and energy efficiency of your house and have a living space you can use all year round.

Choose from a range of styles to suit your home from Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-To, Elizabethan Gable Ended, P shaped or any combination. Get a roof with a u value of 0.18 and use your conservatory all year round.

No more cane only furniture. Transform your new room using beautiful soft furnishings from the High Street. No more damp patches, no more leaks no more costly cleaning routines.






Exterior of conservatory with new roof
Interior of conservatory with new roof
New conservatory ceiling with low voltage lights and Velux windows